Crawling Valley Campground started in 1983 when a few visionary members of the Bassano Community created the Crawling Valley Recreation Society and with a provincial grant for Recreation in the Province, created the original Crawling Valley Campground. None of this could have happened without the support of the County of Newell No.4 (who leased the land from the EID) and the Eastern Irrigation District stake holders and the countless volunteers. These volunteers, built campsites, fire pits, tables, planted trees, etc.

In recent years the Crawling Valley Recreation Society have added a playground, shower building and shop to the existing office that was built when the campground was opened. 26 years ago.

The proceeds from the Crawling Valley Ice Fishing Derby, which is run by volunteers, go to projects in the campground. Last year a new fish cleaning building was built with the funds, this was opened for the fisherman this year (2011).

In the last 3 years the Eastern Irrigation District has instilled hundreds of thousands of dollars into a fabulous Marina and the renovation of 2 sections of the campground, adding power, underground sprinklers & trees for shelter belts. This spring a beach was added to the campground.

Today the Crawling Valley Recreation Society board continue to work on your behalf to make Crawling Valley Campground the very best camping and fishing destination in South Eastern Alberta.

2016 Lottery Notice

Welcome to the 2016 Seasonal Lottery Draw, please go to the Seasonal tab to access the applications, sample agreement forms, maps & all the information that you will need for the Draw. Please note that the sites available will be the sites in (BLUE) this year. Good Luck in the Draw.